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thermostatic showersystem

Product size:

Total size: (750-1150)*370mm

Straight tube size: ф19&22mm

Handshower size: ф115mm

Headshower size: ф255mm

Product  Configuration

1. Copper alloy faucet body, zinc alloy handle, thermostatic cartridge

2. Finish: chrome,black

3. Three-function handshower (S208013), function (spray, concentrated water, mix), more water-saving; single-function headshower (G172011), liquid silicone nozzles.

4. PVC or stainless steel shower hose, stainless steel tube

5. New ABS press type liftable shower slider and adjustable shower angle.

6. Meet the requirements of KTW certification.

Product  Selling Point

1. The constant temperature shower ensures the safety and comfort of the whole family; the large storage platform is more intimate.

2. Food-grade healthy nozzle material, liquid silicone technology; easy to clean and antibacterial, more pressurized water effect.

3. Large handle and light-pressing slider, lift gently.

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