3 core competitiveness 7 key capabilities

Technology Foresight Innovation System Guarantee

1300+ patented technology innovation, 95% mold self-made

Mold technical ability

Liquid silicone mold technology

Hot runner die technology

Plastic waterway integrated molding mold technology

Bathtub molding mold technology

Shower innovation technology

Liquid silica gel technology

Trivalent chromium plating technology

Shower room innovates technology

Glass easy cleaning technology

Multiple security techniques

Multiple express loading technology

Leading innovative technology

Thermostatic spool technology

Hidden hardware technology

Heavy Planning Strict Control Frequent Improvement

Strive for 60% quality planning +30% standardization +10% 8D improvement

Multiple systems Multiple certifications

Quality management system

Environmental management system

Occupational health and safety management system

North American certification

European CE Certification

China 3C Certification

New product development

APQP+PPAP management system

Supplier Management

APQP+ Process audit + Incoming inspection

Product production control

PFMEA+ Quality control plan +CPK/SPC+Poke-Yoke

Continue improve


National Enterprise Laboratory

To meet the major sanitary standards in the global market, 80-100% product testing capacity

ShowerFaucetShower roomBathtub
Chinese standards100%
1. GB18145-2014
2. GB 25501-2019
3. GB 28378-2019
4. QB T 2806-2017
1. JCT 779-2010
2. QB2585-2007
American standard100%
1. ASME A112.18.1-2018
2. EPA Watersense
1. ASSE 1016-2017
2.ASME A112.18.1-2018
IAPMO IGC 154-2012
IAPMO IGC 244-2015
European standard100%
1. EN1111-2017
2. EN817-2008
3. EN200-2008
EN 14428-2015
EN 14516-2015
Australian standard100%
AS 3662-2013
AS NZS 3718-2005
ATS 5200.050-2005-SH-08
AS-NZS 2023-1995-SH

Three Digital Manufacturing Bases

Ten million levels of production capacity rely on to meet the needs of customer orders

Shower & Faucet manufacturing ability

The annual production capacity is over 28 million sets

Shower room manufacturing ability

The annual production capacity exceeds 1.6 million sets

Bathtub manufacturing ability

The annual production capacity is over 150,000 sets

Rapid Delivery Custom Center System

Build a multi-system collaboration customization center including Insight, SAP/PAC, MES, WMS.

Customer Attractio

Online And Offline Activities For Attracting Potential Consumer

Space design

Modeling / Space design

Product design

Product Selection/Customer Concept Design

Create PO

Quick Ordering And Real-time Quotation

Order Processing

Order Processing

(BOM/Processing/ Drawing)


Automatic scheduling 、 Equipment docking



Distributor Picking Up , Delivery And Distribution

User Review

User star rating

Customer Needs Oriented

Won a number of + international top bathroom brand customers and partners service honor certificates/trophies

Technical Solutions

Business - Development - Quality Golden Triangle technology management system

Order and Post-sales service

Set up a professional order and after-sales service team

Practice Social Responsibility Green Circular Economy

Focus on environmental protection, renewable energy use, energy conservation and emission reduction, and resource recycling in enterprises and supply chains.

SO 14001 Environmental management system
Sewage treatment and reuse systems
ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management system
Gas treatment regenerative oxidation furnace
Dust collection and treatment system
Carbon neutral overall layout
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