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Square top inlet Showersystem

Product size:

Height: 1065mm

Straight tube size: 35&15mm

Handshower size: ф123*120mm

Headshower size: ф225*220mm

Product  Configuration

1. Square design, upper water inlet shower control, copper pipe material

2. Finish: chrome

3. Three-function handshower (S168013), function (spray, massage, mix), button to switch function; single-function headshower (G94021); liquid silicone nozzles.

4. PVC or stainless steel shower hose, ABS slider.

Product  Selling Point

1. Food-grade healthy nozzle material, liquid silicone technology; easy to clean and antibacterial, more pressurized water effect.

2. Push-button function switching technology.

3. Suitable for Australia area.

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